7 things to consider before hair transplant surgery


7 things to consider before hair transplant surgery

1.    Choose Clinic Precisely:

On the off chance that you are considering getting hair transplant you should note now that in which centers you will complete this work done. Try not to get hair transplant indiscriminately by seeing any advertisement at web however be watchful before getting hair transplant.

2.    Study their Website carefully along with the reviews:

Now a days everybody doing heavy advertisements by giving fake interviews of Celebrities. But in real time you get fooled by such paid interviews. For that purpose you must study their website, whether they are providing you right information or not, check their patientís feedbacks in term of video or before& after images. It helps you to get idea how this work has been done and what past patients felt after their transplant.

3.    Do research about Doctor:

Keep in mind which doctor is performing hair transplant surgery? Whether he is that much experienced or he has a specialization in performing such surgery?  Choose the best and well qualified doctors for hair transplant surgery because it cannot be repeated. Look the before after results from youtube, their own website or from any hair transplant forums while choosing best hair transplant surgeon.

4.   Keep track on your budget:

To perform hair transplant you need to be very precise on budget. In market there are many clinic who can does hair transplant in very cheap rates in either side some of clinics charges very high for the same. In this case quality matters than quantity. You need to think whether it is really worth to perform hair transplant from such clinics? Before confirm your hair transplant surgery dates, you need to clarify each and every small query.

5.    Medical tourism Facility available:

In-case you want to perform your hair transplant surgery in India like you need to take care if medical tourism facility is available or not. Very few clinic has medical tourism facility available. It helps you for accommodation, city tour, travelling along with your surgery.

6.    Research carefully that what exactly you are doing:

In hair transplant there are many different types. What exactly you need for you that need to be first clarify it from doctor. FUT should be performed by qualified surgeons in managing scalp wounds, not a general physician.  Where FUE should performed by either dermatologist, surgeon or qualified allopathic medical doctor. Hair grafting should be performed by qualified and trained medical technicians under direct supervision of doctor. And patient should be discharged only after proper assessment and guidance of senior doctor.

7.    Post-surgery follow ups:

Regular follow ups after hair transplant surgery ensures safe and effective outcome of the procedure. The best clinics always provide guidance, oil, and medicines or any needful which will be important for post hair transplant surgery. So that you can take care of your hair and skin after the surgery. 

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